Our Memo-Roc staff welcomes you to transform your life by joining our growing salesforce. Becoming a Manufacturer Account Representative will allow you to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others while creating exponential residual income in three easy steps

1. Watch Memo-Roc Overview 
2. Order Financial Freedom Package
3. Complete Career Application 

Financial Freedom Package Includes:

$1,725 Plus Shipping

One 7″ Memo-Roc Demo

One Memo-Roc Carrying Case

100 Dealership Brochures

100 Promotional Postcard Starter Pack

4 Memo-roc Dress Shirts (short or long sleeved)

250 Business Cards

Professional Google Workspace

Business @memoroc.azurewebsites.net e-mail

30 GB Cloud Storage

Online Comprehensive Orientation

Customized Presentation

Weekly Training

Phone Support

Pre-set Appointments

Qualified Leads

Made in the USA from domestic and imported parts.  Celebrating the lives of those no longer with us.